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The IGNITE+ Series'

IGNITE+ is an educational series of workshops on the workings of your brain and the impacts of cognitive stress, presented in the form of everyday workplace scenarios, specially designed for SME sized businesses. They describe how the brain works, how to structure your activities for optimum cognitive performance, and how this can combat workplace and life stresses, preventing the onset of poor mental health and avoiding serious 'burnout'.

Series 1 looks at topics such as:

  • The Morning Email Tsunami
  • A Little Bit Of Too Much Juggling
  • Dealing With Too Many Distractions
  • Avoiding Lethargy And Anxiety (Operating At Peak Performance)

They can be taken as four 1-hour on-site sessions (45 minutes education plus 15 minutes discussion) for groups of up to 10 people at a cost of £350 for the package, or taken as four 45 minute online recorded videos for individuals to take as self-paced learning, at the cost of £79 per person for all 4 sessions.

IGNITE+ can be taken as a standalone series, however to benefit from what we believe is a truly unique holistic approach to all aspects of workplace stress, we strongly recommend that it is taken in conjunction with the IGNITE package, which is provided through our collaboration with 'Holistic View'.

For an additional cost of £200 for the IGNITE package, you receive a tailored combination of desk stretching, breathing and mindfulness which helps keep stress at bay. Contact us to find out more about IGNITE.


Talk to us today, and give the proactive and positive gift of strong mental health to yourself and your employees, and benefit from an impressive 9:1 ROI* in the process.

* Source: Deloitte - Mental Health and Employers: Refreshing the case for investment, 2020
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