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Our Cognitive Masterclass is a set of neuroscience driven educational workshops on the workings of your brain and the impacts of cognitive stress, aimed at larger corporate organisations as an integral part of their employee induction programmes, as well as staff wellness and performance development packages.

They take a deeper look into the neuroscience of our brain functioning, and how we can use this information to optimise cognitive peak performance and resilience, looking at topics such as:

  • The Mental Health Problem Statement
  • Intelligence
  • Impulse Control
  • Attention & Selective Attention
  • Pauses & Peak Performance
  • Neuroscience In Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence In Communication
  • Servant-Leadership
  • The Prevention Summary

They can be taken as three 6-hour on-site sessions for groups of up to 10 people, typically taken at 1-2 week intervals (practical activities are involved in between workshops) at an all-in cost of £3,500, or taken as nine 60-80 minute online recorded videos for individuals to take as self-paced learning, released as weekly sessions, at an all-in cost of £600 per person.

When numbers permit, larger in-person workshops for between 10 and 15 individuals can be arranged. Contact us for more details and pricing.


Talk to us today, and give the proactive and positive gift of strong mental health to yourself and your employees, and benefit from an impressive 9:1 ROI* in the process.

* Source: Deloitte - Mental Health and Employers: Refreshing the case for investment, 2020
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